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Windows 10 Raving Reviews

We all remember when Windows 8 came out in 2013. Everyone flocked to get the latest and greatest that Microsoft had to offer. For those of us who got the newest system and did not have a touch screen devive, we learned very quickly that this was not what we had hoped for. Windows 8 for the last few years has caused many people frustration and difficulties as they slowly learned how to work the system. Recently, Windows has announced the unveiling of Windows 10 and many seemed to be skeptical of the new program until they tried it out. Recent reviews are quickly kicking that opinion to the curb with some more positive ones.

Windows 10 is said to be more user friendly and the reviews are overall very positive. These are exactly the reviews that Microsoft has been needing. There has been a lot of negativity revolving around Microsoft within the last few years with layoffs for 7,800 employees, earnings reports showed disappointing information and the pressure of the promise of 1 billion users with Windows by 2019 by CEO, Satya Nadella. In 2013, Microsoft launched their Windows 8 operating system in the hopes of spiking interest back in Microsoft but it ended with the exact opposite. Finally, after years of waiting, Microsoft is getting  the raving reviews they’ve been craving.

Some people have described Windows 10 as being the best experience since Windows XP, some say its a perfect union of Windows 7 and Windows 8, whereas others are just having a great time playing around with their computers again, content to be able to operate it without frustration. People are enjoying the feedback that Microsoft is accepting to see how they can improve. Overall, it can be agreed that Microsoft has hit the mark with their new operating system.

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