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Whole Foods Market Overcharging Customers – What They Are Doing About It…

An investigation revealed that Whole Foods Market was incorrectly charging customers in New York City for some fresh products. New York investigators deemed this occurrence “the worst case” they had ever come across.

On Wednesday, in order to rectify their mistake, they have released a video on Youtube claiming accountability and explaining plans to make things right again by their customers.

Walter Robb and John Mackey are CEO’s of Whole Foods Market. Both are standing united in the video. Water speaks out saying:

 “Straight up, we made some mistakes. We want to own that and tell you what we’re doing about it.”

They told viewers that the mistakes were just that, mistakes. Nothing was done maliciously or intentionally and that the small percentage of incorrectly weight fresh food is being addressed in a few ways.

Both of them promised to:

  • Increase training in locations across the country
  • Have a new third-party auditing system, accessible to customers, which will mark improvements
  • Implement a system where customers can question the weight of their products and cashiers can check them. The two CEO’s claim that if “there is a mistake that’s not in your favor, (they) promise to give you that item for free”!

Inconsistencies in this case swayed both for and against customers and it’s pretty clear that they are doing their best to make amends and address the issues at hand.

They are also addressing another broader issue regarding their overall high prices. In the past customers have criticized the grocery chain as being too expensive and as of last May Whole Foods Market announced they will open a lower-price chain of stores for the frugal buyer.

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