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What to Expect From Stitchers – ABC Family’s First Procedural Drama

ABC Family‘s new drama ‘Stitchers‘ premiered yesterday, introducing an intriguing premise as ABC’s first ever procedural drama.  Creator Jeff Schechter however likes to think of it as more than just a CSI or NCIS rip-off though, as it blends elements of Sci-Fi and relationship drama with an investigate procedural style.

Stitchers follows Kirsten, a computer science graduate that suffers from a strange condition known as ‘temporal dysplasia’ which essentially causes her to have a hard time comprehending the passage of time.  Because of this, she is picked up by the government to take part in a covert government operation that enters the mind of the deceased in order to solve their murder.  Dealing with her condition has also left her emotionally hollow, and as she is continuously ‘stitched’ into the minds of these subjects, she begins unintentionally taking some of their emotions back with her.

“She’s this girl who, because of this condition that she has, she’s emotionally unavailable,” says Schechter. “[The Stitchers program] opens her up to an emotional world that she never knew that she could experience.”  The shows’s creator also maintains that the series manages to walk the line between the NCIS-style procedural and the dramas that ABC Family are known for.

He also notes that while the mysteries that the show explores are interesting, the heart of the show is the human connections.  “It’s a procedural, but it’s not really a procedural; it’s all about relationships.  In the first season, we’ll explore father-daughter relationships, we’ll explore daughter-mother relationships, boyfriend-girlfriend relationships, fiancée relationships, failed-marriage relationships, protective relationships [and even] friendships that she never really had [before],” says Schechter. “[But] it’s not really about that; there’s also action to it.  But it’s also comedy, and it’s also science fiction.”

The premier is an ‘explosive’ start, according to Schechter, and it has been generally well received by audiences who tuned in.  Regardless, it looks like an interesting new endeavour with its premise falling somewhere in the middle of Assassin’s Creed, CSI, and Pretty Little Liars.  For those of you in the U.S., the pilot can be seen on ABC Family’s website.

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