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Watch Out For The Rare Super Moon Eclipse

A rare type of lunar eclipse called a supermoon total lunar eclipse can be seen this Sunday evening, the 27th. Both total lunar eclipses and supermoon total luner eclipses are very rare. After this Sunday we won’t be seeing another total lunar eclipse until 2018. For the supermoon total lunar eclipse the wait is even longer, the next being in 2033. This type of eclipse hasn’t happened since 1982. The world is filled with beautiful and unique occurrences. If you’ve never seen a supermoon, Sunday is your chance, it is a spectacle. Supermoons occur when the moon is full and at its closest to earth. It looks much bigger than normal and shows beautiful colour.

You can find live broadcasts of the lunar events through NASA, Sky and Telescopes live webcast, and Slooh, an online observatory. The eclipse begins 9:07 p.m eastern time.

Watch the beautiful blood red moon with the rest of the world this Sunday evening!


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