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Verne Troyer and Hines Ward on Wife Swap

Wednesday night’s celebrity wife swap had an unlikely pairing. Verne Troyer swapped partners with Hines Ward!

So what did their lives look like pre-swap?

Verne is a comedian and actor best known for his role as Mini Me in Austin Powers. He’s known for being a “free spirit” and his girlfriend, Brittney Powell, mirrors his down to earth attitude. She has a son named Tyson and the three of them live in a three bedroom two bathroom home.

Hines is Sunday Night Football analyst who is also known for winning Dancing With The Stars in 2011 and the Super Bowl two times over. It’s apparent that he prides himself on the appearance and functioning of his home. His wife, Lindsey Georgalas-Ward, obviously has similar values but is a bit less fixed in her approach. They live in a 12,000 square foot home with their son Jaden.

The swap!

Hines took Brittney out dancing and while she loved that, she struggled with Hines input on her outfits. They ended the night having some quiet time together cleaning up the kitchen. To be completely frank, I think this house and family are a dream! The couple makes it a priority to keep the fire alive while still having structure in their home. Their son is well behaved and well mannered and their home is stunning!

Lindsey sat back and tried to absorb life in Verne’s home. Unfortunately for her, there was nothing to absorb! Verne and Tyson greeted her briefly then moved to the couch where they played video games and ignored her. The next morning Verne slept most of the day while Lindsey explored the home and stumbled upon his extensive porn collection. When he woke up Lindsey tried to interact with him but he was quick to kick her out so he could “get things done”.

The changes.

Lindsey had a few things she wanted to switch up. The first change was that she wanted to transform the living area from a “bachelor pad” to a home where there is more space for Brittney. She also wanted them to get out of the house and do something. She wanted Verne to make a special gesture for Brittney. Lastly, Lindsey gave Tyson some structure by putting a tracker on his phone and asking that he completes his homework before leaving the house.

Brittney’s rules were less helpful. She asked, simply, that Hines loosen up and relax on his rules. She said they were going to go out and have fun in their pyjamas and not worry about their appearance. She asked for more spontaneity, more fun and less worrying about looks and cleaning up.

As expected, most of the rules were met with resistance. While it’s apparent that most of the rules won’t be employed after the show ends…there were a couple things the families embraced.

Lindsey caught wind of Tyson’s passion for cooking. She took him and Verne to a cooking lesson with a celebrity chef and Tyson thrived in the experience. She saw that Tyson had goals and wanted to give him the structure and tools he needs to move towards them.

Brittney pushed Jaden and Hines to engage in some outdoor physical activity. She took notice of Jaden’s fear of being injured during sports and took the two of them sledding in goofy clothing. Jaden clearly enjoyed himself and even Hines was laughing along!

The two couples are obviously very different but both are happy partnerships. Hines and Lindsey seem to balance each other out…him being more structured and her being more slack and open. Yet Verne and Brittney are clearly cut from the same cloth.

All it takes is a temporary change to make you come to appreciate what you have.

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