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Various Companies in Support of The Gay Legalization in USA

Canada has been on board for a while now with the whole idea of homosexual people being able to call themselves married, however the United States has been on the fence about it for a while. Some states on their own legalized the act, but the majority of the states did not approve of it, in fact, many people out there in both the United States in Canada discriminated and continue to discriminate against them, calling them names, treating them differently because of their ways, and some people who are really ignorant about the situation are bold enough to even bring harm to some of these individuals. Well, I have got some news for those who are against it. It is now legal across all the states in America.

That is right. The long battle for equality for gay people has finally been ceased, resulting in victory for the homosexuals. Many popular food and other type of industry’s companies are also in support of the legalization and have shown so with their various posters, temporary changes to names of products and other forms of support. Some examples of this are these companies customizing their symbols with rainbow shaped versions of it, and phrases which shows they support it, like the popular ice cream company Ben & Jerry’s changing the name of their cookie dough flavour ice cream to “I dough, I dough” and chipotle restaurants posting pictures of burritos covered in rainbow covered wrapping with a label saying “homo estas?” on twitter, and many more. Facebook even reported that approximately six million of their members that are American have revealed on their profile that they are now part of the lesbian, gay, transsexual, or queer community.

For myself, I am one of the people on the side of support for homosexual marriage, so I am pleased with the decision in the United States. I have friends who used to think that being anything but heterosexual was wrong, but I managed to change their minds. Many people out there do not like the homosexual community because they believe it is a choice that a person makes. Granted, some people do “choose” to be gay or live the gay lifestyle, but I am sure that they know they are lying to themselves. With that said, I believe it is entirely possible for someone to be born homosexual for this one reason. Before any of you reading this are ready to feed me to the sharks attacking at North Carolina, consider this. You likely have at least one relative who was born autistic, retarded, mentally ill, depressed, suicidal, with missing or extra limbs, with super intelligence or something of the sort. What I am trying to get at is that someone in your family is probably living their lives in some way that opposes the norms of wherever you are living. With all these things possible and documented, is it so hard to believe that something chemically different went on during their birth that causes them to be sexually attracted to one sex over the other? I have one more point to convey before I wrap up as well. Remember when you were growing up, and you had that one person who was bullying you? If you did not have that person than for the sake of argument imagine it. I understand that some kids are made fun of, but usually it is for things that they can control and still feel like they are not manipulating themselves. Now pretend that homosexuality was the norm and that heterosexuals were the odd ones out, so much that you were not allowed to get married, walk the streets without getting beaten up, stared at, and your natural behaviors were made illegal. I know right now you would probably say that you would not care, but that is because you know that that will never happen. However, if it were to actually become a reality, I bet you would be depressed, scared and would probably want to kill yourself. That is how you make some of these people who do not have thick skin feel every day that they exist. I applaud the companies for showing their support for new law, and I urge those who do not approve of being gay to try and put themselves in another person’s shoes and see what kind of damage they are causing and perpetuating.

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