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Uwe Boll Has a Message For You

Film Director, Uwe Boll doesn’t want to be your friend anymore. And he also thinks that crowdfunding is dead.

For years, Uwe Boll has been adapting popular video games into box office worst sellers. Titles you might recognize are BloodRayne, Far Cry, Alone in the Dark, and House of the Dead. Over the years, Boll has been the target of some pretty harsh criticism, both on his directing and the resulting films. In one review by Rob Vaux, argues that other “bad” directors comfort themselves by reminding themselves that they didn’t make Alone in the Dark. Ouch.

But that’s all in the past. In 2013, Uwe Boll launched a Kickstarter Campaign with a goal of $500,000 towards his second Postal film. The original Postal is reported by some critics to have been his best film yet. The plot of the sequel involved government surveillance and spying, always good plot points. However, due to dismal results, Boll cut the campaign before its end date.

In January 2015, Boll went for it again. This time, he used Indiegogo to fundraise for Rampage 3: No Mercy. After achieving just 6% of his $100,000 he called it quits.

Evidently hoping that the third time’s a charm, Boll is giving it one more stab, once again hoping to fund Rampage 3: No Mercy. This time, his goal is a conservative 50,000 Euros. See the Kickstarter Campaign here.  With only 3 days left you could be a part of cinematic history.

So far, 261 backers have pledged jut under half of the project. But this hasn’t stopped Boll from releasing a scathing, profanity filled video message denouncing crowdfunding and generally insulting his audience. His video message, which he released to his “fans” on his YouTube channel is simply entitled “f*** you all.”

For those of you who are at work and can’t watch his tirade unfold, here’s the gist: “It looks like nobody gives a s*** about Rampage 3. So maybe I shouldn’t do it then. I have enough money to play golf until I’m dead.”

He goes on to say that crowdfunding is dead. While at first it sounds like he’s just mad with those responsible for urging him to attempt crowdfunding, I think he’s really just mad at you and I for not getting out our credit cards. He goes on to berate his audience for being cogs in the Hollywood machine.

I hope his golf buddies let him win, because Uwe Boll appears to be a pretty sore loser.





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