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User-Friendly Drone ‘Bebop 2’ released For Consumer Use

This past Tuesday, the Company Parrot demonstrated the Bebop 2 drone, which will be released in December.  This drone has new features that make it more accessible and user friendly than its predecessor the Bebop.  During the Tuesday press conference in San Francisco, California,  Parrot did a demonstration of the drone and described the new features.

Jon Swartz from USA today reported the following:

“The 17.6-ounce device, from drone-making pioneer Parrot, soars to 330 feet in 18 seconds and travels 33 feet a second. It can fly as long as 25 minutes and sports a 14-megapixels camera with fish-eye lens in its plastic beak. The consumer-oriented drone is available Dec. 14 for $549.99 ($799.99 with controller), and works with iPhone and Android devices….

…Parrot’s latest comes with longer propellers for improved thrust-to-weight ratio, he says. The device is also more solidly constructed than earlier models: It can travel in winds up to 40 mph. A flight recorder, stored in cloud servers, records each flight.”

James Temple from TheVerge gave his impressions of Bebop 2 and described more of its features.

“During a press event in San Francisco, chief executive Henri Seydoux said the company stripped out weight and moving parts from the Bebop 2 by leaning on software. That includes digital image stabilization…

…The reduction in moving parts also promises to make the product more rugged, capable of withstanding more crashes…”

Technology has changed so much.  Instead of radio controlled planes, we now have drones that can be controlled easily by a cell phone or tablet.  As it becomes more affordable and accessible, drone technology will benefit many people, including filmmakers and hobbyists.

To learn more about Parrot and its products, click here:

Here is a YouTube video demonstration of the Bebop 2.


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