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Uncharted Nathan Drake Collection for PS4 Confirmed

Being a twenty two year old man now, I have played my fair share of video games growing up and I still do now. With that said, while thinking about being a Nintendo fan in the background when I say this, one of my favorite games by far has been part of the uncharted series facing Nathan Drake. This particular version was the second, titled “Among thieves”. This game had me hooked on just about every aspect of it. The story line, game play, voice acting, it was all fifteen hours of an experience I can never forget. With the arrival of the Play station four here, Sony has done something remarkable in my eyes. They are taking all three of the Uncharted series’ featuring Nathan drake and putting them all into one package, similar to what they did for God of War on the Play station three.

In all three installments of the game, Nathan Drake is sent to obscure parts of the world in order to reclaim some kind of treasure to stop those who wish to use it for evil. He is usually accompanied by the company of good friends he meets along the way. Along with this collection of games, people who purchase this game are also guaranteed an opportunity to play the multi-player online for the expected fourth series of the game that will come out.

The fact that they are making a fourth game to this series to me is just awesome. I love this series and I am glad they are continuing it. I personally do not own a Play station four, because I did not really think it was worth it to buy on the initial release, nor am I that big a gamer as I was in the past due to being a University student now. What I also love about this series is the online feature about it as well. Just when you think that all you have is a mere adventure game in front of you and that is where it ends, similar to call of duty but in third person, this game has an multitude on online game types and features to keep the buyer entertained. I highly encourage anyone who is just hearing of the series now to go out and buy this collection once it comes out in October later this year.

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