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Uber Changes Policies To Prohibit Guns For Riders And Drivers

Ride-sharing company Uber has published changes to their policies this month that will prohibit drivers and passengers from carrying firearms while using the service. The company previously allowed guns, assuming proper permits were held, but now they are following the lead of their competition.

Lyft is Uber’s biggest U.S. competitor. Lyft’s website states that regardless of local laws and permits for weapons, if a driver or passenger is found to be in possession of a weapon they will no longer be welcome to use their business.

Uber is value at around $40 billion and as they’re expanding they face legal speed bumps and user criticisms. In the past the company has heard concern from people over the extent of the background checks done on drivers. The company has stated that the change to their policy has been made after considering feedback they’ve received from Uber riders and drivers. Their website states:

“We seek to ensure that everyone using the Uber digital platform … feels safe and comfortable using the service.”

The policy, which asserts “”Uber and its affiliates (…) prohibit possessing firearms of any kind in a vehicle”, was effective as of June 10th. Anyone found to be in violation of this new policy may lose access to the service.

Uber is still trying to settle the relationship between the company and their drivers. Due to the fact that drivers straddle the line between employee and contractor they may feel entitled to give some push back in regards to the new guidelines.

However, in the wake of the Charleston shooting, we’re reminded of just how important it is to have stricter gun control. So it’s comforting to see companies taking steps to offer a safe, weapon free service where people can feel secure and at ease.

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