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U.S. Open: Jason Day Collapses

There was an unusual and scary occurance at the U.S. Open this week. What is normally a quiet, calm, and serene sporting event turned into quite the commotion. Shocking fans, players, and organizers, 27-year-old Austrailian golfer Jason Day collapsed.

It was frightening to see. In one moment, everything is normal. The next, Day is on the ground. Colin Swatton, Day’s coach and caddie immediately rushed to his side. Day had previously had wrist and back injuries, so spectators first thoughts were that he had reawoken those injuries. But the reality was even more unsettling.

Day reported to the paramedics that he had had (another) bout of vertigo. This isn’t Day’s first experience with vertigo. Last month, Day had to withdraw from the Byron Nelson tournment due to vertigo.

It is reported that Day had been undergoing sleep studies and extensive blood work, with all tests showing clear. Ultimately, this lead physicians to suspect dehydration and exhaustion as the previous cause for Day’s vertigo. But in this case, Day has been extra vigilant to rest and hydrate, leading to increased concern. If not dehydration or exhaustion, then what?

Day describes his experience as “the shakes”, giving him a tingling sensation in his arms. Day was treated and returned to his feet, trying to resume play. Later, Day was walked off the course escorted by emergency workers, recieving a thunderous applause of support and admiration from fans.

Day’s playing partner, 2015 Masters Champion, Jordan Speith, said that “I was walking with him and the next think I know, I turned around and I think he got dizzy and slipped and fell. So at that point, how can we help him out and kind of clear the scene and try to keep the cameras off and let him just rebound?”

The tournament continued without Day, and his fans are sending outpours of support through social media.


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