Friday , December 13 2019
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Two Nuns Rescued from Elevator in Rome

Two nuns were rescued in Rome after having been stuck in an elevator for three days without food or water. A 68-year-old from New Zealand and a 58-year-old from Ireland were trapped in the elevator at the Marist Sisters’ convent due to an electrical fault.

Both nuns are being treated at San Carlo di Nancy hospital in Rome for severe dehydration and are expected to make a full recovery.

While in the elevator, the nuns were forced to drink their own urine to stay conscious as temperatures in Rome reached 34C (93F) over the weekend and their calls were unanswered due to no one else being the convent over the weekend. In fact, the nuns were only discovered when a cleaner contacted the police on Monday when not receiving a reply to the building’s doorbell. Police officers who responded to the scene were quick to act and were thanked repeatedly by the nuns who has reportedly, “prayed for rescue” while trapped in the elevator.

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