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Twitter To Curate News – Project Lightning

Project Lightning will change the way people use Twitter…

In recent times Twitter has been struggling with user growth and has been undergoing some serious transitions. Chief executive, Dick Costolos, stepped down after facing criticisms about ineffective improvements. One of those so-called improvements was the auto-play video feature which users feel is less useful for them and more appeasing to advertisers.

Project Lighting means that Twitter will start curating tweets on live events. Visibility is accessibility and to make the app accessible for new users, there will be a new button in the center of the home row. The user friendly news feed will show both anticipated events and live, breaking news coverage.

Rachel Miller is a Twitter spokeswoman and has confirmed all the details Buzzfeed has released about the changes.

Buzzfeed tells us that Project Lightning will let users follow events (which will contain posts from multiple users) without having to follow the individual people. After following the events, you can opt to have the tweets blend in to your existing timeline where you can readily share videos, photos and posts across websites. To keep event coverage relevant and appealing, a team of editors will work with computer algorithms to pick and choose what to include. Doing this means users won’t be bombarded with every single tweet related to the event as they’re added.

This new project could be breaking the clouds that have been hanging over the microblogging site.

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