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Twin brothers killed in double homicide

Twin brothers were found early Friday morning in Camden, New Jersey inside their car dead. It is said that the two brothers were shot to death.

Markice and Maurice Harper were only 26 years old, family members are grieving and confused, questioning why anyone would want to kill the two men.

The two were found at 7:30 Friday morning at Collings Road and South Constitution Road. They were pronounced dead at the scene by police. Investigators believe that the two had been dead for a few hours before police were called to the scene. The reason for the shooting is still under investigation.

It is not yet clear why the two were targeted but family have voiced that it may be linked to a brand new SUV they bought only a week prior to the murder.

The brothers were found by neighbors who were passing by in a car and said they thought the two in the SUV were dead. Sure enough the two were slouched over and without vitals.

Friends and family of the boys are grieving and had only beautiful kinds things to say about them. Most people who spoke with police were neighbors of the two and spoke about growing up with them.

So far no arrests have been made and police are eager for answers or leads. There is a $2,500 reward for the arrest of the killer.

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