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Tuna Crabs Invade California Beaches

Millions of red tuna crabs have invaded California beaches over the last little while which could signal the beginning of horrendous weather. Normally, the crabs live in Baja California, however, with the increase of warm water in the Pacific, the crabs have begun to move north. Along with the crabs, large schools of Bluefin tuna have also begun heading north away from the warmest waters of the Pacific.

According to scientists, the last time these tuna crabs appeared in these numbers was in 1997 right before El Nino hit California. El Nino is a prolonged warming of the Pacific Ocean which results in altered climates in North America and South America. For example, it is believed that the ice storm which devastated New England and Southern Ontario in 1998 was accentuated because of El Nino’s warming effects. While at the same time, winters in California are often made to be much wetter than usual, which some California residents could be looking forward to this year after the drought.

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