Monday , March 30 2020
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Transgender Television

The light can only shine through when a crack surfaces.

And this week the world is beaming. Something that has been culturally hushed is now coming to the forefront in a very positive way. The word “transgender” might not have meant anything to people in the past, or maybe it meant something shameful…but now it’s something that mainstream media is embracing.

The support that has emerged for Caitlyn Jenner this week after her appearance on the cover of Vanity Fair has made it clear that we are in the middle of a cultural shift.

Aside from the magazine cover, there have also been other recent instances of the trans community being highlighted in important ways. Netflix series Orange Is The New Black earned widespread interest because of the beautiful Laverne Cox’s Emmy-nominated performance on the show. Then there is the TV show Transparent with Jeffrey Tambor about a man coming out as transgender to his family. There is also Sense8, another Netflix series, which has a transgender woman as one of its main characters.

This tidal wave of awareness and support for the trans community won’t stop here! In the coming year there will be another group of shows bringing even more attention. We can look forward to TLC’s show All That Jazz, Discovery Life’s show Girls On The Block and of course the much anticipated E! Series I Am Cait!

We won’t have to wait long for a new show, though! This Monday, June 8th ABC will premier their new show Becoming Us. It’s a reality series that will focus on a couple of Midwestern teenagers who each have transitioning fathers. ABC is known for its family friendly, light approach to television and it looks like this show will be no different. They’re approaching the show as they would “any other suburban family” – because that’s what they are.

So tune in this Monday! I know I will!

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