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Trans Fat Used to be Healthy?

Think about all the nutritional labels seen when you go to grocery stores. There is protein, fibre, carbohydrates ,cholesterol and other macronutrients. Most of these macronutrients have been proven to be good for us, and healthy to our bodies. What about fat though? That has always been proven to be bad for our health right? Wrong. There was a point where doctors actually thought that trans fat was good for us or posed no significant risk before more research was done.

The theory behind it was that the trans fat oils were healthier for us because the majority of them did not originate from animals, and they merely had hydrogen pumped into them, thus creating hydrogenated oils. This also attracted many of the Jewish community to the oil, since their beliefs state they must abstain from pork, and we did not have much of a clue as to the processing animal oils went through in order to be safely consumed. Another ironic idea was that the trans fat oils were healthier because it also gave food made with it a much longer shelf life. This was all great in theory, until over the years, people started dying at very high rates and the trans fats were deemed responsible, as further research on them linked them to heart disease.

This whole situation really does not surprise me, as we have made mistakes like this with many other products in the past. Look at cigarettes, in the past, they were seen as a popular fashion statement that was not harmful to anyone in a significant way. Now they are avoided like the plague and are on their way of being banned for good. Another example is with microwaves. Before research on radiation was done, I bet people would stand right in front of them until their food was finished, because they did not know the consequences. However, now people will actually set their microwaves to a time, go do something else, and return to it when the time is up. It is rather sad that we really only find out how hazardous these products are to our health when we are confused about why people are dying left right and centre or being sent to the hospital, but that is just the way it is. Hopefully researcher’s continue to find out what is healthy for us and those people who end up dead will not have given up their lives for nothing.

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