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Trans Fat Ban; The Beginning?

Considering the increase in hate on trans fats, it was only fitting that a study should come out on Wednesday that links the consumption of trans fatty acids to poor memory. Thank goodness for the Food and Drug Administration for imposing a gradual national ban on trans fats on Monday.

But what exactly is a trans fat? Trans fats are unsaturated fats that are commonly produced industrially (like most of our processed foods) and are consistently associated with higher risks of coronary heart disease which is the worldwide leading cause of death.

Essentially, that stuff just is not good for you. It is not natural and really does not have any nutritional benefits.

And yet, restaurant owners and many companies are fighting tooth and nail to keep trans fats in their food. They want to keep the margarines and other manufactured cooking oils in their food, and therefore, people’s bodies.

I find that with the recent news of so many people becoming publicly vegan and the widespread knowledge of how bad unnatural food is, it is kind of surreal with how hard some are fighting to keep trans fats in their food. However, I feel as if this is kind of reflective of North America in some ways. From my own experience, after spending quite a while traveling around Southern Africa, the food in North America is absolutely deplorable.

Although it is great that the FDA has decided to do something about trans fats, I hope that this is only the stepping stone to a huge food overhaul in North America. North Americans are fat, they are unhealthy and there is an epidemic of people having unhealthy relationships with food as a result of these factors. When did food stop being food and become this thing that makes us feel bad and is slowly killing us? I have no idea, but as I said before, I hope that this banning of trans fats becomes only a stepping stone to the improvement of the North American food quality which will then improve the quality of life for all of us.

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