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Toxins Threatening Wildlife

Just about everyone takes for granted the clean air that they have the privilege of breathing everyday. The thought of the air being contaminated by something we cannot control is quite scary, however for some reason, humans feel as though they are invincible.  A lot of people probably also do not think about what happens when they toss their garbage into a body of flowing water. What I think about when people do this is where exactly that body of water flows to, and is it putting anything in danger. Well, in Long Island, many small turtles may have suffered due to negligence like this.

Many small turtles in Long Island were found washed up on the shore line dead. Scientists looked into this, because they, like anyone else would, were confused about what killed these turtles because their bodies were in perfect condition. After some tests were done, it turns out that a toxin killed these turtles. Some may look past this and see it as not being a problem at all, since the toxin that killed them is waterborne and naturally found in the shellfish that they eat, but there is only one problem with that thought process in this situation. Apparently saxitoxin, the biotoxin held responsible for killing these turtles, was found in quantities ten times the normal amount, and scientists cannot pinpoint a reason why.

My only thought on such an occurrence would point to the negligence of people in terms of disposing their garbage, or something else that man is responsible for. If this toxin was naturally occurring like this, there is a good chance that this species of turtle would have been extinct a very long time ago, and seeing that turtles have been around for as long as I can remember, it simply does not make sense to me. I have no idea if my theory on the matter is correct at all, since I do not live in Long Island and am unable to judge the area, I would highly advise the people there to be a little more considerate in terms of their garbage disposable .

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