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Tourist Get’s Scolded By Queens Guard

We’ve all been guilty of it at one point or another, I’m sure. We see Guards with their tall duster-like hats, their beautiful red uniforms and their stern faces and we can’t help but want to make them smile.

There are tons of videos online of people who have managed to make Queens Guards crack a grin and secret videos taken of guards who are dancing around. But don’t let their moments of softness and silliness fool you. Those Guards are there to do a job – a job which they take very seriously!

This last Monday June 29, a video was uploaded to Youtube. The video showed a man, who looked like a tourist, visiting Windsor Castle in the U.K. He approached a Queens Guard and started walking alongside him, mocking his strut. The Guard just kept his straight face and kept on marching. Then the young man put a hand on the Guards shoulder and got quite a startling response. The Guard drew his weapon and screamed:

 “Step back from the Queen’s Guard!”

He certainly didn’t have to say it twice! The man ran away while his friends continued filming and laughing. After the man backed off, the Guard continued his march as if nothing had happened.

A Reddit Q&A last year revealed that the Queens Guard, while they do carry weapons, don’t carry loaded weapons. When asked about how they are supposed to react when harassed by the public, a guardsman answered:

“You are allowed to get them away by shouting warnings at them. If they fail to move away or start to act aggressively we present our bayonets… to remind them that we can do more harm than them. But usually the police are quick and remove trouble makers. People should not go and try to provoke the guards. It’s just not respectful.”

While the reaction might have been jarring for the person on the receiving end, the ministry of defense back up the guard and told the Daily Mail that members of the public need to realize the guards are just doing their jobs and they should be shown respect.


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