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TomorrowWorld Festival Goers Stranded With No Food, Water Or Shelter

Thousands of people have been stranded at the TomorrowWorld festival in Atlanta due to heavy rain fall and poor management by the festival promoter, SFX.

TomorrowWorld is a large electronic music festival held in Chattahoochee Hills, Georgia. Many people attending this event have been left without food, water and shelter, forcing many festival goers to head back into the woods of Georgia. According to YourEDM website, the rain began on Friday and “turned the festival’s designated on-site parking area into a mud pit. Non-camping guests found their cars stuck in the mud, and festival organizers decided to close the lot.”.

TomorrowWorld created a parking refuge on the Saturday, nine miles from the festival grounds and ran shuttles to and from the festival. Management then closed most taxi and uber pick-up and drop-off points, angering hundreds of people and making it virtually impossible for festival goers with disabilities to access the festival grounds. People in wheelchairs also had a difficult time as most pathways became water-clogged and too muddy to push a chair through.

One attendee with a disability, spoke of being stranded and in pain; “I suffer from minor scoliosis / It’s quarter after 5am, and I’m sitting next to my wife waiting for an Uber that is nearly 20 miles away. / my back if killing me… and I saw a couple people on the side of the road sick.”. Another person complained on Instagram; “TomorrowWorld stopped running shuttle buses, stranding many people at the end of night two. Thousands left sleeping on the sides of roads, hiking for miles, left in the middle of nowhere without no food, water, shelter and many not properly dressed or equipped to spend the night outside in cold, wet conditions.”.

TomorrowWorld apologised to visitors via Facebook, blaming the weather for the problems; “TomorrowWorld would like to sincerely apologise for the inconveniences due to the weather conditions and to all who couldn’t be part of the third day of TomorrowWorld 2015.”.

However, thousand of fans were furious with TomorrowWorld not taking full responsibility, but instead blaming mother nature. “I’ll say it again. It was only 1.4” of rain in 72 hrs, stop blaming the weather when the real blame lies with management, and your inability to properly plan.”.

Thousands of images of stranded, cold, muddy and frustrated people are flooding social media websites such as Instagram, Facebook and Twitter; showing the appalling conditions the unlucky visitors, who couldn’t make their way to the grounds, have been left in.

However, TomorrowWorld authorities have promised many refunds on certain passes and to reimburse many taxis and transportation. Yet those refunds may not make up for a weekend of hell for many festival enthusiasts.

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