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Tinder Addict Admits to Keeping a ‘Vault’ of his 100 past ‘conquests’ – Is This the Future of Dating?

Self-proclaimed Tinder addict, John Deal, admits that he has been collecting the pictures of all the women he has bedded from his time with the dating app.  Despite the raunchy nature of his confession, the 42 year old man from Essex, Englad swears he is genuinely looking for ‘the one’.  Prefacing a documentary about Tinder he also appears in called The Secret World of Tinder on ITV, the previously married John Deal goes into detail about his perspective on the dating world and how the app has changed things for him.

“Personally the dating scene has been a long drawn out thing,” Deal said “Going out to bars when I was 20 years of age, it wasn’t hard to pick up a lady. Because of the friends I associated with it was easy for us to meet women.  Now dating apps have revolutionised that – they are at a touch of a button.”

He explained that he started using the dating app after his divorce, stating that he was unsure if he would remarry but that he was in fact looking for love.  However, after being asked if he’s completely honest to his dates he responded ‘half and half’, begging a couple questions about his prior sentiment. The hosts also questioned the ability to discern who is and who isn’t ‘the one’ from a few pictures and a one night stand, but Deal defended himself and his search for love.

“I am really looking for love. I believe there is someone for everyone including me. Hopefully I’ll find someone who’s kind, considerate, and looking for a relationship.” He went on to state that he wouldn’t hesitate to delete his ‘vault’ of pictures if he managed to settle down.

Relation expert Jean Smith joined the discussion to give her two cents on using the app saying that ‘Tinder has 50 million people, the amount of people who are actually finding someone is actually very small.’  This is supported by several stats regarding the application, with one finding that 42% of users are actually in a relationship already.

While John’s scenario may seem a bit odd, the amount of people potentially following his footsteps may surprise you.  Just last year it was recorded that Tinder has over 10 million daily active users, and despite criticisms that the nature of the app is shallow and promotes casual, sex more and more people seem to be turning to it as an alternative to the conventional dating process. In fact, Ann Friedman wrote up a piece for The Cut magazine suggesting that Tinder is actually the best dating website/app option out there, stating:

“It’s fast and casual — a far cry from many dating sites’ detailed filters for religion or hobbies. Tinder just pulls photos and basic data from Facebook, and in almost no time at all, users get to do exactly what we all do in social settings anyway: judge people based on appearance alone.”

So what do you think, is this distorting the dating world or is it a welcomed change of pace from the traditional process?  Whether you believe the app’s swipe-based-system is too focused on looks or think it’s simply a decent way to meet new people – romantically or otherwise – it’s hard to turn away from the growing number of people engaging in it.  Who knows, maybe this is the future of online dating.

See a clip of Mr. Deal on ITV’s This Morning here.


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