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Thousands Donated To Arizona’s Miracle Dog, Sunny!

There are always horror stories of dogs suffering terrible fates at the hands of irresponsible, sick people. At least this story has a happy ending!

Sunny the dog was found May twelfth 2015 hanging from a tree in Tuscon, Arizona. Vets from the Pima Animal Care Center examined and treated the shepherd mix. Her medical bills cost the center over $2,500 but she is now recovering with a loving foster family.

Her story made headlines and garnered tons of media attention! The shelter posted pictures and updates on Sunny’s condition and her fame has been growing ever since. Updates tell us that Sunny is “getting her spirit back. Even the look in the eye looks more trusting and hopeful, which is a testament to how resilient animals are”. Resilient and forgiving!

She’s been attracting attention from all over the globe and since her story erupted there have been over $20,000 worth of donations sent to help out. José Ocaño, the director of shelter operations, says that the remaining money will be used to help other animals housed in the shelter. At any given time they have about 650 dogs and 300 cats…plenty of animals that can and will be helped as a result of the generous donations.

Police are asking anybody with information about Sunny’s previous owner to step forward.

If you would like to donate to Pima Animal Care Center or learn more about how you can help, visit:

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