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The Terminator Waze GPS Navigation System

Take the Next Legal U-Turn or you will be Terminated!

Waze is a new app that lets you choose between different celebrity voices for your GPS navigation! One of the more popular voices allows you to make that next journey across unfamiliar territory with the voice of a very familiar killing machine, The Terminator!!

Julie Mossler is a spokeswoman for Waze and says that “Arnold Schwarzenegger is truly a cultural icon as the Terminator, with a presence and voice so big he barely fits in the car. Celebrity voice prompts are one of our most popular features and a great way to add some fun to time on the road. We are thrilled to offer such an unmistakable voice and entertain drivers en route to the movies this summer.”

Even though the app is free, it is helping to promote Schwarzenegger’s new movie, Terminator Genisys. SVP of Interactive Marketing at Paramount Pictures (Megan Wahtera) says that “partnering with Waze is a fun way to bring the ‘Terminator’ to millions of fans all over the world. Arnold Schwarzenegger as the Terminator is one of the most recognizable and iconic voices and we are excited for fans to experience him in this unique way.”

Even Arnold is excited about the endeavor. He made a statement patting himself on the back for his participation. It read:

 “Every single day on social media fans ask me to record my movie lines, so now I get to bring this classic role and my charming Austrian accent into their cars.”

Terminator movie buffs will get more than just directions with this app. They will get notifications when T-1000 is stalking about and an update when they are near a theatre showing “Terminator Genisys”.

This is an amazing gift for AHnold fans. Maybe in the future they will broaden their collection of Schwarzenegger characters. Lines like: “Get to the Choppa, it is time to go!” and “What’s the matter, are you running late? The CIA got you running reds now?” would be amazing to hear during that family road trip!

But for now, fans will be more than happy with The Terminator commands.

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