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The Real Cause of The US’ Medical Spending Habits

To say that the United States are facing an obesity epidemic is an understatement, but it is not hard to understand why. Having been there multiple times, anyone who visits this country will quickly realize that the food there is cheaper, more tasty, and larger. With so many places around like this, I would probably find it difficult to bring myself to cook my own food as well. With that said, you would think that if everyone lost some weight in the United States, that the cost would go down considerably right? That is true, however there is a small group of people who in particular can really impact the medical costs of the United States.

Many people in the United States classify as obese. However, what is interesting to see is that the more obese you are, the more in medical costs you will likely end up spending, as it seems that this factor grows exponentially. For example, according to a study, a person who has a body mass index of thirty who loses five percent of their body weight may end up saving around seventy dollars in medical costs annually. Someone who has a body mass index of thirty five and loses five percent of their body weight will save around five hundred and thirty dollars annually. For the person who has a body mass index of forty and loses five percent of their body weight, a massive two thousand, one hundred and thirty seven dollars annually.

So it seems the United States knows where to put their efforts in if this study is accurate. The problem with this is that the people with body mass indexes this high are usually the hardest to convince. The not so obese people are the usually the ones who look in the mirror and have some kind of epiphany which tells them that enough is enough, or they are the ones who are not very hard to get on the side of diet and exercise. The ones with the higher body mass indexes are usually the ones who have given up on the idea of being a healthy weight, and just allow their current lifestyle to consume them, only making their condition worse. I am willing to bet that a lot of these people end up dying simply because they cannot afford to get the help that they need in time.

I am rather torn about what I think about people who put themselves in situations like these. On one side I do not want to be sympathetic at all because no matter how predisposed you are to gaining weight or whatever the case may be, it is the person’s responsibility to recognize that they are going over board and that something needs to be done. At the same time, some people are forced into situations like these because they learn poor eating habits from a young age. No one buys their own food on a regular basis or even thinks about it at nine years old, and when most people look at these young children who are rather big for their age, they often look to the parents, see that they are rather large individuals as well and then think “Oh, it’s natural” or “Well, he is big boned. He gets it from his parents, can’t you see?” So there are plausible cases on both sides, at least in my opinion.

Hopefully these people that feel helpless look at some transformation stories and see that other people have been where they are or maybe even worse, and were able to take control and overcome it.

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