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The Moaning of Life: 2 Premiere – Karl Pilkington At It Again

Well, the wait is over. One of our favourite Brit’s has returned to the screen this week for the second, long anticipated season of The Moaning of Life.

Karl Pilkington, 43, has graced our screens with his philosophies before on different shows in the past. But there is something uniquely special about watching his child-like wonder as he experiences things for the first time in The Moaning of Life.

Wednesday morning, he interviewed with Jonathan Wells from the comfort of his hotel room. Wells asked Pilkington about the glitz and glam of everyday television. Karl said:

“(Television is) giving out this false idea of what life is, that’s not right. I think you’ve got to have the depressing days.”

In The Moaning of Life: 2 you get the good and the bad. You get the happy, the annoyed and everything in between. We’ve seen Karl complain about a lot of things…but Karl’s review of his show? He said:

“It’s been good and that means a lot coming from me.”

After the premiere of the new season on Tuesday, Sky1 had the best overnight viewing audience of 2015. Of course, the other shows airing that evening might have helped contribute to that success. But I’m sure the lovely egg-headed bloke had a lot to do with the higher rate of viewership!

If you want to see Karl, be sure to tune in Tuesdays at 10pm. Until then, you can check out this teaser trailer for what’s coming up this season.

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