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The Last Guardian Finally Confirmed for 2016

The crowd exploded in excitement at Sony’s E3 press conference yesterday as a long-since-forgotten title was re-announced.  Stuck in development since 2007, Team Ico’s The Last Guardian has been keeping fans anxiously waiting since its initial announcement at E3 2009.  It aims to be the spiritual successor to the much-loved 2005 title from the same studio – Shadow of the Colossus.

The game has experienced countless development problems since its conception and many feared that it would never be finished, until now.  There isn’t a specific release date, but it’s set to come out sometime in 2016.  Not much is known about the story or lore, but the gameplay trailer we were treated to yesterday evening depicts a young boy navigating a crumbling world with the help of a large dog-like griffin creature.  It bears the same lonesome and architecturally beautiful atmosphere as its predecessor and seems to focus on exploration and unique puzzle mechanics.  The stylized graphics have been getting a bit of a bad rap, as people say it looks dated and odd, but what many people fail to appreciate is the game’s fantastic looking physics engine.  The boy’s clothes and the creature’s feathers react in real-time to the wind and environment around them, breathing genuine life into the world.  Besides, since when did the graphics of a game determine how good it is?

Regardless, it will be quite difficult for Team Ico to live up to the hype that’s been building since the game caught people’s attention 6 years ago.  Plus with the cult-following of Shadow of the Colossus, fans are expecting an expansive epic journey but this game could take a different direction entirely.  It’s really quite impossible to know just what we’re in for from a few minutes of early gameplay, but at least all this speculation taking place means that people are genuinely excited.

See the new gameplay trailer – the first time we’ve seen actual gameplay – here:

For some more info on what kind of game it is, check out the original 2009 trailer as well below.  Judging from these two trailers, the game will be an action/puzzle type venture and may have you exploring ruins and temples more than the spacious landscapes Team Ico is known for.

Either way I can’t wait to get my hands on it.  I’m pretty confident that whatever type of journey it puts you in, The Last Guardian will become a memorable gaming experience in its own right.

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