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The Female Viagara: Just the Beginning?

The FDA voted 18-6 in favor of the drug flibanserin, nicknamed the “Female Viagara” on Thursday. The effect has been a massive surge in stocks from a company making a similar drug, bremelanotide which can only point to an increase of sexual arousal drugs created for women’s sexual pleasure.

Palatin Technologies’ stock jumped more than 46% early Friday as traders hope that bremelanotide will become approved by the FDA in addition to Sprout Pharmaceuticals’ flibanserin. The reason that so many are hoping for the approval of bremelanotide is that it is believed to actually treat female sexual dysfunction. On the other hand, flibanserin is believed to affect neurotransmitters within a woman’s brain that can make her desire sex more. The first being dopamine, and the second being norepinephrine. The two transmitters control the pleasure centres of the brain, as well as the ability to control attention. In other words, the drug targets a woman’s pleasure centre and heightens her ability to focus on her sexual partner.

Although testing has shown consistent benefits for portion of women according to the FDA, many people still believe it is more of a placebo and that it does not significantly improve a woman’s desire for sex. But, as flibanserin becomes more readily available, the results will have to speak for themselves. Perhaps over the next few years, Palatin Technologies will be able to perfect their bremelanotide as “Female Viagaras” become more readily available for women everywhere.

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