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The Dangers of Skinny Jeans

Ah yes, yet another reason to not wear jeans, specifically, skinny jeans. As a lover of yoga pants, but more so a member of Team No Pants, I actually rarely wear skinny jeans, as the effort to get in and out of them is kind of frightening to a homebody like myself. But apparently, skinny jeans can be damaging to your nerves so I mean, hey, I guess I do not have to wear them ever again.

According to researchers from Australia, in The Journal of Neurology, Neurosurgery and Psychiatry, a 35-year-old woman in Australia had to go to the hospital due to her skinny jeans squashing the nerves feeding into each leg causing the legs to swell, which further exacerbated the issue. It took four days of hospitalization before the women could walk again.

Now, for those who do like skinny jeans, do not worry. You can still wear them, just probably do not wear them if you are going to be doing a lot of squatting or bending. They do not directly pinch the nerves in your legs, but they can make the condition worse. And for those of you, who like me, cannot commit to skinny jeans, you now have a really good medical excuse to not wear them. You are welcome.

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