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The Chocolate Diet Hoax…..Really?

I have lost count at the amount of products and methods that people have come out with in order to achieve the one same goal, losing weight. Diet pills, stupid and dangerous diets, products guaranteeing to melt fat off of someone’s mid section alone in just a week, the list goes on. I know losing weight is not an easy task for the vast majority of people, but some of the things people are willing to try instead of just putting their time and effort into hard work simply amazes me. Now people are shocked to find out that one of the most ridiculous diets I have ever heard of is a hoax? Apparently it’s true.

A year ago, a corrupt study was done with a limited number of participants to see what kinds of results would come about of people eating chocolate while being on a diet versus those being on a diet without it. One way or another, the conclusion reached served in favour of the people eating chocolate on their diet losing weight faster than their non chocolate eating counter parts.

I do not know where to begin with this. I am not quite sure what parameters were taken to come to such a result, however I do have a theory, which should make sense to just about anyone. I have no Idea if it is true or not, but here is what I think. I think that those in these groups were given a diet where they were eating less than their maintenance calories, but chocolate was still factored into these calories, whereas the opposing group was forced to grind through day after day of being hungry without any reward for the whole time, which likely resulted in them binge eating and slowing down their weight loss. Since the people eating chocolate had a “reward” every now and then per se, it probably satisfied their sweet tooth or craving enough to get it out of their system for the time being and then allowed them to continue with their progress.

I wish people could just understand that losing weight is hard, but it is not complicated, and a more mental battle than anything. Once they can look past the feeling of being hungry and focus on their goal, I guarantee that the weight will come off slowly but surely.

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