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The Best Day in the World: National Donut Day

It’s Friday June 5th, and what better day for National Donut Day is there? On your way to work this morning, I hope you stopped by Tim Horton’s (Canada) or Dunkin Donuts (America) to indulge in this special day.

National Donut Day was officially marked in 1938 by the Salvation Army as a commemoration of the volunteers who brought donuts and other treats and goods to the soldiers during the time of World War I. And so, the tradition continues today.

In honour of National Donut Day, here are some donut facts for you from USA Today:

*10 BILLION donuts are made and consumed in America each year … thats an average of 31 per person, per year (which sounds about right?)
*60% of American households eat donuts
*Homer Simpson would have to walk around Springfield for 1 hour to burn off 1 chocolate donut
*There are 8082 Dunkin Donut locations, and only 208 Krispy Kreme locations
*Canadians have more donut shops per capita than Americans

The only controversy related to this special days is as follows: how do you really spell donut? Is it DONUT? or DOUGHNUT? In the end, does it really even matter? As long as I get my donut, I’m happy.

Treat yourself today. Indulge in National Donut Day. What’ll you be having? Powdered Jelly? Boston Cream? Sprinkle? Apple Fritter? Chocolate Dipped? Honey Cruller? There are just so many great choices, who says you have to have just one?

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