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Texas Pool Party Incident Results in Officer’s Suspension

Why can we not all just get along? I do not understand it. There always has to be some kind of nonsense going on, where someone just has to say something that they know will instigate violence. This case is no different.

In McKinney Texas, there was a pool party going on, when something provoked a woman who happened to be white to say something that was very insulting to some of the black community that was at the pool party. According to one of the interviewed witnesses, this woman told a black woman to “go back to where you’re from” and to “go back to your Section 8 home”. This obviously caused a fourteen year old family friend of the black community to reply with “excuse me?” Which was followed by two other white women beginning to launch an attack on the fourteen year old girl. The police were called to the scene to deal with the altercation and the fourteen year old girl was detained by a police officer using much more force than necessary, as shown in the video provided in the story. The amount of force used by this officer was considered too much obviously, as he was put on suspension. The fourteen year old was ultimately let go and released to her parents, but two people were arrested and charged with interfering with officers work.

Cases like these make my blood boil, because either no one really knows what happened, or refuses to tell the truth because they do not want to be the ones that look like they are at fault. Some people a little more closed minded than I am may look at the present situation and scream “Racism at it’s finest once again!”, but I still have a few questions. Do not get me wrong, I agree that the amount of force used on the girl was excessive, especially when the officer could toss her around with such ease. That is besides the point however. What I would like to know is, what made the white woman say such a racist and vulgar thing to the black audience there? I sincerely doubt that she just said that with the intentions of starting a fight. Is it possible that she was just really judge mental of the group in front of her and that is what caused her to say that? Of course, but it seems so unlikely, it makes me almost want to think that the black group said something first, but then what would cause the black people to say something? It just does not end.  I also find it strange that Tatiana, the person who they got the information from only said what the white woman had said to instigate the fight, and does not even entertain the idea of the black people saying something first when she may not have been there. There are just too many parts of this story for me to make a clear judgement. I do hope however, that people see cases like these and other cases and come to realize how silly it is to comment something extremely vulgar and rude to someone just because the color of their skin, or the lifestyle they may need to use to keep a roof over their heads.

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