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Texas High School Student Aces SATs

SATs are one of the most stressful parts about high school. Students spend huge amounts of time stressing and preparing for the test, hoping to achieve a high score. One incredible high school student has blown all expectations out of the water.

Antony Yun from Bellaire, Texas aced both the SAT and ACT tests. The high school student received perfect scores on both exams.

What makes this achievement all the more interesting is that Antony is not the first one in his family to accomplish this incredible feat. His older brother Daniel also received perfect scores on both tests just four years earlier.

“You could say that it runs in the family, in a way, since my brother also got a perfect score,” Antony said, “but I guess with only two data points, you can’t do a correlation because that doesn’t always imply causation.”

Perfect scores are incredibly rare for both the SAT and ACT, with less than one tenth of a percent of all exam writers acing either test. Statistics like that show just how incredible Antony’s achievement really is.

When asked about his key to success, Antony said he had no special formula for studying. He credits his peers for motivating him to succeed. A bit of friendly competition between Antony and his older brother also played a role in Antony’s achievement.

“In the back of my head, I knew I had to at least tie my brother if not beat him,” he told reporters.

With his perfect scores, Antony hopes to pursue a computer sciences degree. He is interested in several schools including the University of Texas, MIT and Rice.

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