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Only ten days without sugar can reduce risk of diabetes

Health awareness seems to be on the rise, from things like easier access to caloric information to the negative effects of soda. From the University of California, Dr. Robert Lustig and team have conducted a study on forty-three children to review the effects of eliminating sugar — for only ten days.

Reports show that in the short amount of time blood sugar levels and insulin levels stabilized, significantly reducing risk of diabetes.

It seems that the real culprit that creates the negativity around sugar is fructose rather than glucose. While glucose is converted and used as energy in the body, fructose is processed by the liver in small amounts at a time. Any fructose not being processed is stored by the body as fat, which increases our risks for debilitating diseases.

Lustig and his team stress that calories from sugar are substantially worse than calories from another type of food.

Opt for healthier, less-sugary foods. When consuming sugar, try to avoid fructose and instead opt for foods that contain glucose if you absolutely need it. Consuming fructose reaps no real benefit, as ingesting it will only make you feel hungry for more. This leads to a never-ending and vicious cycle, which can easily be avoided.

Most think that diets and altering our body takes months and years. This study serves to prove something different — we can make life-altering, healthy changes to our bodies and our lives in as little as ten days.

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