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Teens, Young Adults and Alcohol Consumption

Studies are showing that teenagers and young adults binge drinking is increasing dramatically as the years go by. The reason I think this is happening is because of the amount of curiosity that goes on through a person’s mind when you tell them no for no good reason, combined with the fact that most teenagers and young adults are not aware that much worse things than a hangover can result from a night of drinking.

Most children these days get very curious when they see their parents pouring a mixed alcoholic beverage or crack open a beer, only to be told that they are not old enough to drink it when they ask what it is and why they are not allowed to have it, and when they ask why they are not old enough, the response they receive is “because I said so.” or something along those lines. Well guess what parents, you may think that the situation is over and done with, and you may be right at that very moment, but the worst thing you can do to a child who is 9 or 10 is say no to them with empty reasoning.

I believe that this is the reason for the increase in the binge drinking over the past few years. I’m not saying for parents to allow their kids to have full beers, multiple mixed drinks or anything like that, but they should have some idea what it tastes like, so when they reach the age of being curious and are able to do something about it, such as organize an underage drinking party, they do not go completely overboard and end up in dangerous situations.

What is worse is that a lot of schools do not educate students on what happens when alcohol is abused. As far as the majority of the underage community knows it, the only reason drinking underage is wrong is because it is illegal. They may have also realized by their fourth or fifth drinking experience, that you end up throwing up from drinking too much, which may be funny to them at the time, but they do not realize why they are throwing up. Little do they know, many bad things happen with excessive drinking, such as throwing up mentioned earlier, dehydration, loss of control due to intoxication which can lead to be arrested, liver damage, and one of the more dangerous side effects being alcohol poisoning.

Overall, with more informed and less curious youth, I believe strongly that we can reduce the amount of binge drinking that has been happening over the years.


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