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Teens, The Internet, and Online Health Information

The internet for years has been growing as an enormous source of information of all kinds whenever someone is curious about a particular subject. One of the bigger topics which is dominating the internet at the moment is health. There are many people who have documents which qualify them to confidently give out information, and a lot of people need it, but the biggest factor separating them is the distance, so the internet seems like the answer. The question is, who is the audience accessing this information most frequently or is employing it into their daily lives the most? It seems that teenagers are the ones who take the cake for that.

Studies have shown that teenagers get as much as twenty five percent of their information regarding health and fitness from the internet. The other, more dominant sources are parents, health classes, and doctors.

The results from a study like this have me somewhat torn in terms of how I feel. The reason why I say that is because while there is a stable and truthful amount of information on the internet and it is great to see young teenagers taking advantage of what their parents and other older relatives did not have at their disposal, there are also many websites out there which do not provide the correct information and actually end up hurting those who try and use it in their everyday lives. What is worse is that people also sometimes unconsciously let their own personal biases interfere with the true information that will actually help people. A big example of this is with health supplements. Many people out there are vegetarians or vegans, and insist that any product made with the help of animals is harmful due to the processing it goes through in order for it to be consumed, whereas others argue that that same type of product is more effective than its vegan counterparts. Another example is with certain types of exercises. Some say certain ones are great for back health, others say that certain ones will do nothing but damage your spine. Another big problem I have with teens using the internet for health information is that the majority of teenagers have not developed a true work ethic when it comes to anything. What does this mean? it means that they will most likely look for the website that provides them with the easiest solution to their health problem, which is more than likely unhealthy and can be somewhat dangerous, depending upon what the advice is.

Overall, I know that most teenagers are very impressionable and lazy, and I hope that they continue to research on the internet about their health needs after consulting more reliable sources, but I would also like to see them being careful about which internet pages they end up listening to, and understanding the idea behind something being too good to be true.

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