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Teenagers’ Idea Wins Tech Award

Sexually transmitted diseases are an extreme nuisance to say the least. Some kill people, some are stuck with you for life, some are curable but require antibiotics, and many of them end relationships and marriages. What if you could go back to that one night, morning or afternoon that you spent with that infected person, and just skip over it like it never happened? Well, unfortunately you can not do that, but two teenagers who have come up with a neat idea may be able to save those who encounter infected people and even confirm if one has a disease without the use of clinical testing.

The idea of two fourteen olds and one thirteen year old was turning heads when it was announced. What if there was a kind of protection, in this case a condom, that would change from its original color to another color to let both parties know that there is a sexually transmitted disease present? Well, that is what these teens came up with. The technology behind it is that the antibodies on the condom would interact with the antigens of the diseases, causing the condom to change color.

I love the idea of it, but there are a few things that still need to be tweaked. Someone could very well create this product and say that the condom will turn green for chlamydia, blue for herpes, yellow for genital warts and so on. To the straight forward and narrow minded individual, this would work perfectly. However, what happens when two or more colors appear on the condom? What happens when people want to have intercourse in the dark and then two colors are present on the condom? At that point, not only do you not know what kind of sexually transmitted diseases you are dealing with due to the combination of colors, but now you are not even sure about who was the giver and the receiver!

I understand that there are bugs to be worked out in this idea, but if it were actually to become a functioning product that was for sale after all the bugs were worked out, I believe that it would be one heck of an idea. This would save people many people from unknowingly spreading their diseases, and at the same time, shut down anyone with a twisted mind that for some reason would want to maliciously spread around their infection. I applaud these teenagers for thinking of such an idea. Hopefully with the right directional guidelines and with the help of some of the bigger condom companies, they will be able to make it a reality and be given credit for it.

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