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Tanning Bed Use Going Down

There are many things out there that people do that simply boggle my mind every time I hear it. Cigarettes, swimming in water that has signs saying “swim at your own risk” and j walking on roads that have six lanes of traffic are just a few things that come to mind. Another thing is tanning beds. Machines that are directly linked  to giving cancer to their users. Why on earth would anyone use them? Because they are unhappy with the colour of their skin? I just do not get it. What I do like and can understand is what is going on with tanning beds nowadays.

over the last few years, the use of tanning beds has gone down. It seems like the combination of it’s non addictive properties along with the spread of awareness is the reason for the decreased use of the device.

I love when I read posts like these. It shows me that there is still hope for the people in this world and that their intelligence is growing. Not to forget the fact that it looks ridiculous on some people. Hopefully people continue to see that some of these products that are being developed to change their bodies are doing more harm than good.

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