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How Bees Naturally Vaccinate their Young and the Importance of this Discovery

Researchers from Arizona State University, University of Helsinki, University of Jyvaskyla, and Norwegian University of Life Sciences studied a protein found in bee blood called “vitellogenin” that plays an important role in protecting their babies from diseases commonly found in their environments. In honey bee colonies, the queen almost never …

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How Coffee-Drinking Habits Impact the Risk for Mild Cognitive Impairment

A new study published in the Journal of Alzeheimer’s Disease examined the connection between coffee drinking habits and cognitive functions among adults.  The research analysed a group of 1,445 subjects aged 65-84 years old from the Italian Longitudinal Study, a population-based sample from eight Italian municipalities that included 5,632 subjects in total, …

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Weight-Loss Pills May Become a Reality – Scientists Create New Compound that ‘Mimics Exercise’

A new molecule synthesized by researchers from Britain’s University of Southampton may eliminate the need for diet and exercise in the near future.  Named ‘compound 14’, the particle has been found to essentially ‘trick’ cells into thinking they have undergone large amounts of exercise. The molecule works by triggering a chain …

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