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Braveheart Putin

He has always shown himself as the strong man, the emotionless man flying the flag for macho behaviours, and not being a macho à la Silvio Berlusconi, even though the two are friends.  Whereas Berlusconi spent his premiership fighting corruption allegations as well as accusations of frolicking with prostitutes, Putin …

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Russia faces ban from international athletics for widespread doping offenses

Russia could be facing a ban from international athletic competitions, including the 2016 Summer Olympics, after an alarming discovery by an anti-doping commission. In a report released on Monday, the commission makes accusations of corruption, including state-sponsored doping, leading to Russia becoming a sports superpower. The World Anti-Doping Agency-sponsored commission …

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NATO warns Russia of airspace violations as Syrian airstrikes continue

NATO issued a warning to Russia on Monday to avoid any further “unacceptable” crossovers into Turkish airspace as Moscow continues airstrikes in Syria. The warning from Jens Stoltenberg, NATO’s secretary general, comes just two days after a confrontation between Turkish warplanes and Russian aircraft. Stoltenberg called a special meeting in Brussels …

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Russia launches airstrikes against Syria

Shortly after a unanimous parliamentary vote, Russia launched its first round of airstrikes in Syria on Wednesday. According to the Russian Defense Ministry, eight ISIS positions were targeted including arms, communications, transportation and control positions. U.S. officials are skeptical of Russia’s true intentions however. U.S. Defense Secretary Carter Ash spoke …

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