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Taco Bell Adding Cap’n Crunch Delights to Their Menu

National Donut Day not only allowed for the celebration of the delicious donut, but it was also the day that Taco Bell announced that they will be adding Cap’n Crunch Delights to their menus. Cap’n Crunch Delights are donut holes covered in Cap’n Crunch’s Crunch Berries cereal and filled with icing. The delights will be added to their menus on July 2nd despite Taco Bell’s pledge to ride their menu of artificial ingredients by the end of the year due to successful testing of the product in select locations.

Taco Bell’s introduction of Cap’n Crunch Delights comes on the heels of other companies’ collaborations with outside food companies to diversify their menus. In 2015, Tim Horton’s added Nutella products and timbits to their menus, which, as the Nutella lovin’ lady that I am, I was quite pleased with. Hopefully Taco Bell’s introduction of Cap’n Crunch Delights will not only help to diversify their menu, but also spark more change across other fast food chains to include more interesting food choices, even if it may not be the healthiest and may not fit into the goals of ridding our food of artificial ingredients.

As of July 2nd, Taco Bell customers can find these Delights in store for 2 for $1.00, 4 for $1.69 or a dozen for $4.49.

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