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Suspect In Triple Homicide In Custody – Wilno, Ontario

Eastern Ontario can breathe easy after a tragic event unfolded yesterday near Wilno, Ontario.

It all began Tuesday morning when the 57 year old suspect went on a shooting rampage in the small town. Officers were alerted and first went to the disclosed location just before 9am. Once there, they found a deceased woman. Based on the details given to them, they headed to a second location where they found the body of a second murdered woman. Just after 11:10am, a third woman was found dead – this time half an hour outside of Wilno.

Hearing the news of the triple homicide, businesses and schools went into lock down and Parliament Hill in Ottawa was on high alert. A few hours into the search, the unnamed suspect was arrested by Ottawa police. It was 2:30pm and he was found near Kinburn in the west of Ottawa.

The suspect is in custody but details regarding the charges faced have yet to be released. The day was overwhelming and sent shock waves through the small town of less than 400 people.

Carl Bromwich is a councilor in Wilno and stated:

“This is slaughter. This is the most unnerving thing that’s happened here in years.”

Glad that the whole ordeal is finally over, Sergeant Kristine Rae of the OPP thanked the public and officials for dealing with the event and detaining the suspect as quickly and professionally as possible.

“Events like this are not very common and it just shows the teamwork between police services. It took a lot of teamwork, a lot of officers and investigators. We’re just happy that the suspect has been apprehended.”

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