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Suspect in Connecticut cold case revealed


The suspect of a cold case in Connecticut has finally come to the surface.

Sources told FoxCT that, 45, currently serving a 15-year sentence at Garner Correctional Institution, is the prime suspect responsible for seven murdered women found behind a strip mall.

Howell was convicted for manslaughter in the first degree for the homicide of Nilsa Arizmendi, according to an article published on FoxCT’s website. Howell had accepted a plea deal at the New Britain Superior Court in 2007, and was arrested in May 2005, in Hampton, Virginia.

Authorities had found the partial remains of at least four more people eight years after the remains of three women were found behind a strip mall. Investigators are focusing on a currently incarcerated suspect in a Connecticut prison.

Investigators have been searching the 15 acres around the strip mall since 2007. The three bodies found in 2007 were later identified as Diane Cusack, 53, Joyvaline Martinez, 23, and Mary Jane Menard, 40, according to the Courart article.

One of the recently found bodies was identified as Seymour resident Melanie Ruth Camilni, last seen in Waterbury in January 2003 at the age of 29, according to an article published on Courart.

The family was gracious for the attorney’s office and the police’s tireless work on the case and now are in the mourning process after receiving closure after 12 years, also according to the Courart article. The identities of the three other women who were found is not yet known.

According to the Chief Medical Examiner’s Office, the remains were skeletal in nature and had been at the location for at least a decade.

According to the same FoxCT article, Howell worked in Connecticut doing odd jobs and lawn mowing for residential homes and businesses.

While using the back of a strip mall, on Hartman Road in New Britain, Conn., doesn’t seem like the most ideal dumping grounds for a serial killer, he wasn’t suspected for those accused actions for ten years. If he is found guilty, he will be Connecticut’s most notorious serial killer since Michael Bruce Ross, who had eight victims through May 1981 and June 1984.

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