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Survivors Emerge from Colombian Plane Crash

Maria Nelly Murillo, 18 and her one-year-old son, Yudier Moreno, were found alive five days after their plane crashed in the jungles of western Colombia. They were found Thursday near where the small Cessna plane crashed in Choco province. Although Murillo had some injuries and burns, they are not reportedly serious and her baby is in perfect health despite their harrowing few days.

The plane they had been in was a twin-engine Cessna plane, carrying fish and coconuts. It had been travelling from Nuqui on the Pacific coast to Quibdo, the capital of Choco. Within 20 minutes of its flight, it had gone off the radar for aviation authorities and another plane was sent to search the area after the pilot stopped responding to calls.

The pilot, Carlos Mario Ceballos was reportedly found dead in the wreckage but it became obvious quite early on that Murillo and her baby had escaped which commenced the search efforts for them.

Apparently, Murillo and her baby had survived thanks to a group of indigenous peoples and by drinking coconut water from the coconuts that the plane had been transporting. She is currently being treated for her injuries in hospital.

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