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Survivor Cambodia – Survivor Second Chances Premiere

Season 31 of Survivor, Survivor Cambodia: Second Chance, has officially started the ball rolling.

The premiere episode aired yesterday and already has Survivor fans talking! This year, the cast was voted on by the audience based on their stints in previous seasons. The two tribes have ten former castaways each. Scroll down to find a list of the contestants.

So before any information gets accidentally slipped…if you haven’t already seen the premiere – stop reading and go watch it!
Fair warning for spoilers!


The episode started off with each tribe in two boats. They had to jump off their boats and onto a bigger boat where Jeff was. From there they could grab as much loot as they could handle and load it onto a raft below. But at a second location, a little farther out, there was a bag of rice. Once ONE team gets to and grabs the rice, the looting is over and only the team who grabbed the rice could keep it.

It came down to a swim-off between Woo and Joe, and Woo won the rice for his team!

Back at camp there was an observed “Old School/New School” divide in how the players approached the game. The old school players were hard at work getting the camp set up while the new school contestants hit the ground running and were busy strategising.

At Kelly Wentworth’s camp, she found what she thought was the hidden immunity idol but was actually directions on how to obtain the idol. In a twist, the clue revealed that the idol would be hidden WITHIN the challenge and if she wanted it, she would have to inconspicuously grab it during the competition. Which, believe it or not, she impressively managed to do!

The challenge was a nostalgic flashback to the very first ever challenge played in any season of survivor. The producers wanted the challenge to be identical, even the time it was played. Because the challenge ran longer than expected, the survivors on the Ta Keo tribe were sent STRAIGHT to tribal following their loss!

Kelly Wiglesworth was the only returning player from season one and was the only person to have competed in this exact challenge before. She lost last time, and history repeated itself. Jeff talked to her about the emotions that were surfacing having lost, especially since a good portion of the responsibility in this competition was placed on her. She was clearly upset at herself for having let her team down but luckily for her, they all jumped to her defense.

Tribal council was a bit of a mess. Jeff Varner seemed to be one of the only people who knew what he was doing. Abi made it clear that she is the same old fire cracker even though she preaches change. But despite her attitude, with a 4-6 split, Vytas Baskauskas was the first player to have his torch snuffed.

It’s going to be an exciting season and Wednesdays can’t come soon enough!

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Joe Anglim (26) competed in Season 30, Jeremy Collins (37) competed in Season 29, Ciera Eastin (26) competed in Season 27, Stephen Fishbach (36) competed in Season 18, Latasha Fox (38) competed in Season 28, Kimmi Kappenberg (42) competed in Season 2, Kassandra McQuillen (42) competed in Season 28, Keith Nale (54) competed in Season 29, Monica Padilla (31) competed in Season 19, Andrew Savage (51) competed in Season 7, Vytas Baskauskas (35) competed in Season 27, Spencer Bledsoe (23) competed in Season 28, Terry Deitz (55) competed in Season 12, Abi-Maria Gomes (35) competed in Season 25, Yung Woo Hwang (31) competed in Season 28, Peih-Gee Law (37) competed in Season 15, Shirin Oskooi (32) competed in Season 30, Jeff Varner (49) competed in Season 2, Kelley Wentworth (28) competed in Season 29, Kelly Wiglesworth (37) competed in Season 1



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