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Super Mario Maker Gives Us Something New Out of Something Old

Released Friday September 11 2015, Super Mario Maker for the Nintendo WiiU takes characters, objects and obstacles from past classic Mario video games and gives the player access to create new levels and challenges with them.

The new game makes use of the electronic pen and touch pad featured on the WiiU  controller. With these, players can arrange and design their own levels and share them with other players through an internet connection.

Amazingly, the creation technology offered to the players in Super Mario maker,  is much superior compared to what the developers had when making the original Mario games back in the 1980’s and 1990’s.

Mario’s original creator Shegeru Miyamoto had this to say in an interview:

”… the Super Mario Maker tools are probably 10 times, even 100 times more powerful than those original course-making tools that we had on PC”

“Up to Super Mario Bros. 3, we drew all of the levels on graph paper, and then starting with Super Mario World, it was a combination of graph paper plus some editing tools on the PC that we had,” says Miyamoto. “The process of creating a Super Mario Bros. level is, you design the course, and then you make a change, and then you have to test out that change to see how that change affects the overall playability of the course.”

“With Super Mario Maker, you can be playing and pause and make a change and resume playing right there, instantly. But when we were working on the original Super Mario Bros. and drawing on graph paper, if we made a change to the course, we wouldn’t be able to see that change requested in the game itself until the following day.. – Interview conducted by Matt Pecam from time.com

Lately, Nintendo has faced many business challenges from the poor sales of the WiiU and the loss of president Satoru Iwata and pressure to switch to mobile cell phone gaming.  Some believe that  Nintendo is a dying company, but as long as they keep releasing innovative products maybe things will improve.

Nintendo will be celebrating the 30th anniversary of the original Super Mario
Bros  on Sunday September 13, 2015.

So far, Super Mario Maker has received high reviews, including a 9/10 from ign.com and 4/5 from eurogamer.net.

It looks like Nintendo still has the ability to release quality games after all this time.

To see how the game looks and plays, check out this review of Super Mario Maker from IGN.


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