Monday , March 30 2020
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Suicide Bomb Attack Foiled In Egypt

Egyptian police reported today that they have successfully foiled an attempted suicide bomb attack at the Temple of Karnak in Luxor, a hot spot tourist destination.

Apparently three men approached the barrier of the entrance at Karnak on Wednesday morning where they were confronted by police. Upon being confronted, one of the suicide attackers detonated an explosive belt he was wearing which resulted in officers shooting a second and severely wounding the third attacker. In total, two civilians and two policemen were injured but no tourists were wounded in the scuffle.

Despite the threats that this could pose, Egypt is actually worried about the effect attacks like these could have on their tourist industry. Over the last eighteen months, tourism in Egypt has been increasing since the reduction of tourists after the revolution that ousted President Hosni Mubarak in 2011 and the military overthrow of President Mohammed Morsi in 2013. Additionally, there is worry over the attempted destruction of historic sites which has occurred in Iraq and Syria as a result of ISIS attacks who view temples as idolatrous.

Analysts think that the attack could be related to ISIS-linked extremist groups like Ansar Bayt al Maqdis judging by their efforts to destroy historic sites, but no one is certain.

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