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Sugary Drinks Kill People Every Year

So I just finished a post about how much water you should drink and what is basically overkill. Well, the opposite end of the spectrum is just as dangerous if not more. I talked about how excessive water can kill people, but the problem with drinking excessive water is, it is difficult. No matter what anyone says, unless you have some kind of health disorder, you need to reach a point of forcing down the water in order to continue consumption. The problem with the sugary drinks out there is that they are much easier to consume excess amounts of because of there are addictive ingredients in them, and that is what is causing an alarming statistic according to a new study.

According to a recent study done, sugary drinks kill nearly one hundred and eighty five thousand people every year. You may be wondering how, and I will be glad to explain, and once I do, I am sure you will be able to understand it. Think about your famous soda drinks like Coca cola, Sprite, Crush, Canada dry and any others you can think of. These large characters have been doing great in the business world for decades, but their sales are always going up. You may also notice that these companies continue to increase their sales because they continue to slowly but sure increase the amount of sugar in their products per serving. That is step one. The next step is selling it in bigger containers. Some of you may want to stop me here and say “Oh come on, we all know that nobody is going to drink a two liter bottle of the stuff all by themselves” Well first off, if you believe that you are dead wrong, and second, those are not the bottles I am thinking about. I am thinking about the bottles that are between five hundred milliliters and one liter. See what I am saying now? These bottles are just the right size to drink on your own, but they are small enough to consider it almost silly for two people to share. The last step is in the clever nutritional labeling. I could only imagine how many people would turn their nose up at the bigger bottles of these products once they read that there is a whopping eighty four grams of sugar in a seven hundred and ten milliliter bottle of seven up. You may be quick to stop me here and say that they do not, and if so, you are one of those people who has fallen victim to clever labeling. On the back of that bottle, it says that there is forty two grams of sugar, so some people would draw the line there and end it. However, what this group of people fails to realize is that this amount of sugar applies to every three hundred and fifty five milliliters of the drink, which is half of the original seven hundred and ten that you are buying. With deceiving labels like this, it is no wonder that people are dying from drinking these products every year, especially if they are drinking them in place of their water.

Hopefully you realize this already, but excessive amounts of sugar and the reason people are dying is because of diabetes, cancer, heart disease, hence why high sugar drinks are killing people.

If you somehow believe that the sugar in these products still is not that bad, I will put it in another light that may be a little more relative. Think about those weekends where you are driving home, and you have got a big smile on your face because you have a large bottle of rum, vodka, or some kind of alcohol in your car. Unless you are a real tough guy, what is the next thing you reach for after buying this? More than likely, some kind of bottle of soda. Now imagine the amount you poor into one drink when you make one. Now think about what you do when you taste it, and it is a little too sour for your liking. Sooner or later, you have likely gone through a significant amount of soda.

So what is the problem? Why does everyone choose to drink these sugary beverages over water when they know that water is clearly the cheaper and healthier choice? In my opinion, there are a few reasons. The first is that the sugar in the drinks is addictive, full stop. The second is that our other drinks that we are used to are so artificially flavored and tasty, that drinking plain water has become a chore for us. The next reason, and potentially the most dangerous and ignorant thinking of the everyday person, is that people believe that since these products are made with water, their bodies will be able to take the water from the products and use it for the purposes it needs it for. With products like tea, soup, and other products where water makes up the majority of the product, sure, but not with soda. If this was really true, hundreds of thousands of people would not be dying every year, because their bodies would be fully hydrated right? Well the truth is, the body needs pure water to help flush out toxins in the body, and clean out your kidneys. By drinking soda in place of water, you are only creating more work for your body to do. Moral of the story, drink your water, have a sugary drink every now and then if you want to, but do not overdo it. A good rule of thumb I like to go by is to have a limit of one or two drinks with a high sugar content daily, and the rest of my daily liquids from water.

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