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(Source: West Mercia Police)

Student Dies After DNP ‘Diet Pill’ Overdose – Mother Warns Others

Eloise Parry, a 21 year old student who reportedly had “issues with bulimia”, died in April after an accidental overdose on the notorious ‘diet pill’ dinitrophenol, otherwise known as DNP.  Now, after her daughter has passed away at the Royal Shrewsbury Hospital, mother Fiona Parry issues a warning for others not to fall victim the toxic drug.

DNP, available in pill and powder forms, is not yet a controlled substance even after being linked to multiple deaths across the UK and overseas.  It has been deemed ‘unfit for human consumption’, and was a primary focus of an Interpol (The International Criminal Police Organization) warning given to 190 countries in May.  Despite Eloise knowing the dangers of the now infamous drug, she couldn’t help but try it for the purpose of losing weight.

“Eloise decided that even though she’d been told DNP was dangerous, being slimmer was worth the risk. She was convinced that the dangers were being exaggerated.” said her mother.  “She weighed the pros and cons and made a bad choice, it cost her, her life.”

Eloise sent a message to her college professor from the hospital on the morning of her death, saying “I think I am going to die.” according to ITV News, adding “No one is known to have survived after being sick after taking DNP.”

John Ellery, Senior Coroner of Shropshire, England has ruled the death an accidental overdose, noting that the amount taken was due to her apparent eating disorder.  He has since proclaimed that he will address the health minister regarding the drug’s use, writing in a statement: “This is clearly a dangerous, toxic and fatal substance which should not be accessible and certainly not to persons seeking online self-prescribed medication.  If the minister considers it appropriate to see whether DNP should be a classified substance that would be an appropriate outcome from this inquest.”

It is the hope of Eloise’s mother that, at the least, this story will bring light to the usage of this dangerous drug.  In a heartfelt bout of advice, Fiona Parry had this to say:

“I would implore anyone even considering taking DNP or something similar not to do so. These substances are sold by people who don’t care about your health, they just want your money…So please don’t do it, looking good should never cost you your health or your life. DNP, do not purchase, do not partake…death’s not pleasant.”

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