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Strong Support in Banning Powdered Alcohol

Alcohol is already a pain in the butt to say the least when it comes to keeping underage people away from it. There are plenty of techniques that already make sneaking the liquid into places easier. You can put straight vodka in a water bottle to make it look like regular water, you can mix a drink with your fruit punches or soft drinks to make it look like one of them, and there are even small containers you can buy with the intention of them not being found. Well, what if I told you that there was another product which could make it even easier for underage people to gain access to it and was more dangerous? There is a fight going on right now in the United States to have it banned before it is on the market for too long, but it definitely does exist.

I’m talking about powdered alcohol. That’s right, you know those powders you can mix into your water to make it a bit more bearable to drink? Well picture that, except an alcoholic beverage is the product of what is in your glass or bottle when you are done shaking or stirring the solution.

Based on the story, it seems that the United States for the most want this product off the market because it will give underage people easier access to alcohol, since it is sold online. While it is true that they would be able to by pass the safety net that is asking someone for their identification at the liquor store, that really is not my main concern with this product. My main concern with this product is what kind of concoctions can be created with such a product. For example, these products are meant to be mixed in water, but you know under age people who get their hands on it would mix it in something like an already alcoholic beverage, or they may end up mixing mixing it in something like Redbull to create something similar to the popular drink Jaeger bombs which are known to raise people’s hearts like crazy and send them to the hospital. I am really happy that the United States is rebelling against this product and I have no doubt in my mind that this product will be responsible for sending many underage and of age people who buy alcohol to the hospital because it’s so dangerous. I understand that the person who created this product was probably thinking of it in terms of convenience meaning that ” Oh, I can carry my alcohol to parties and don’t have to bring it with bottles or cans and containers anymore”, but I’m sure that they didn’t see all this coming or they just didn’t think very far in terms of side effects or consequences from such a product.

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